How To Express Your Inner Gifts With Your Own Brand?

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I’m about to use a real Case Study, revealing all the steps and details I use to create brands that set my clients apart. Essentially a blueprint. Feel free to use it as a guide. Don’t need to pay hundreds or thousands for pseudo-branding courses.

I want to introduce you to Diana / IG: @thedianabedoya

She helps women feel great in their bodies and about their bodies.

In this case study, I’ll explain how we went from 0 to create a unique concept that authentically reflects who she really is.

Let’s start step by step:

1- First, we need a solid foundation, where we will build both the tangible and intangible aspects of the brand.

The first step to create an impactful brand is to start by what I call: “Painting the Vision of Your Brand”.

If you want to really connect with your audience and build something that is unique start with your vision, your WHY, how you see your brand in the long term.

Consequently, we create a brand from a self-actualization point of view, instead of survival/scarcity.

We are already reflecting what you want to achieve with your visuals, the feelings of the brand, messaging, positioning…

Dream big, and far. Only then you can have the base to make the impact you want, and to attract your ideal client.

On the other hand, if you are building the brand thinking about the current situation, and you think that you need sales, you need clients, you want quick cheap results, you will fall into a low-end /scarcity brand, focused on survival: attracting cheap clients, bad clients or no clients…

Naturally, your business results will reflect that as well.

So what was the vision for Diana with her brand? What’s her why?

“Breaking free our daughters to spend their lives trapped in their bodies and a life of unworthiness.”

Once we have our vision created, we have the best base to work on the other intangible aspect of the brand. Such as your unique “how”, the tone of voice of the brand, your ideal avatar, consumer insights, values, emotional benefits of the brand, the rationale of the brand… And an essential aspect, how do you want to be seen/perceived, and how you DON’T want to be seen.

✅ Once we have defined all the intangibles of the brand, we already know what are the feelings that we want to portray, what is the tone of voice of the brand, and we start having a direction for creating the visuals.

2- Time to create a Moodboard…

A Moodboard is where you can start materializing the foundations that you set before. This will be the tool that will help you create an abstraction of your Brand Concept, finding the common element that defines you – your essence.

Pinterest is one of the best tools to find related pictures, you’ll start getting inspired and finding related textures, colors, feelings.

✅ Focus on the common feeling. Check the example →

3- Time to Define your brand’s narrative.

The best communication framework to deliver any message that exists is “The Story”.

With the Storybrand framework, we can create the narrative of your brand in your audience’s mind.

That’s the best tool you can use to clarify your message, connect with your audience and make them engage deeper with your business.

Typical structure works like: A hero (your ideal avatar) has a problem and meets a guide (your brand), who gives them a plan and calls them to action. The character experiences a transformation that ends in success and helps them avoid failure.

✅ With this simple framework, we’ll position our brand as a guide for the hero (you audience), and we’ll be able to find the easier way to tell how we can solve their problems by connecting emotionally with them, and portraying the transformation that they want to experience.

We can use this to find our Value proposition, design a website, a funnel, develop a new product or service, create content…

4- Define your Unique Selling Proposition / Value Proposition.

That’s your brand promise. There is no brand without a promise.

How are you transforming your audience’s lives? What’s the end-frame of the journey with you?

With all the work already done, now you have a better idea of what makes your services/product unique. Define in one sentence how you are going to transform your audience’s life.

Keep it simple, but add your personal touch to make it unique and clear.

Here’s Diana’s example: “You Deserve To Feel Great in Your Body”

5- Define your Big Idea / Brand Concept.

Create a concept that defines the feeling that every brand touchpoint is going to have.

This doesn’t need to be “commercial” or public.

Again, the brand concept is just an abstraction that helps you understand your “unique filter” where any piece of content or design is going to go through.

The Brand Concept is what allows you to really differentiate yourself and create this unique angle with everything you do.

This is your own Brand ID, as unique as you are.

The concept we created for Diana was all about the light, the inner light, and the uniqueness of a PRISM and how it reflects the light in all directions, in different shapes, sizes, and intensities. Also related to some of the brand values, such as authenticity, diversity, or expansion.

She/her brand acts as a PRISM.

So from there, we can see already that the logo represents the prism light, the photography style is all about light, shinning, reflections, as well as her content.

From that concept, we can now explain in a metaphorical and visual way what makes the brand unique. With just a concept, we can express what we do beyond the rational and functional side of the brand. This is the key element to really set yourself apart.

6- Next Step is to start creating logos, choosing fonts, colors, textures… Everything congruent with what we have been working on.

This is the stage where all the development work begins. Now you have a solid foundation with all the intangible aspects of the brand, and already some visual approach with the Moodboard to start choosing your colors, textures, fonts, photography style, website style…

Remember to pass it always through your “Brand Concept Filter” to keep your Uniqueness.

Now you have the step-by-step guide to create your own brand, to know better about yourself, and the tools to express your inner gifts.